Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Condoms & Safety

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Things You Need to Know About Condoms


These days, there are many ways to do family planning. Though the natural method of not having sex is the most accessible and safe one, there are artificial methods that offer effective results as well and one of them is using condoms. They are 98% safe and the only way to prevent infections and STD as well as unwanted pregnancy. But condoms only work if they are used properly. That means you have to know how to put them on and that you need to use one that is of the right size. So many men pay no attention to the size of the condom and just buy the regular size one. This is not right, if the condom is too small or two big, it can break easily. So if you feel that the regular size is not for you, take a closer look at the store, I’m sure you will find condoms in small or large sizes as well. If not, order some online.
If you want to know more about condoms and their sizes, you can visit some informative websites online, like and many others. By acquiring more knowledge about the topic, you will keep yourself and your partner safe.

Knowing More About Condom Sizes

If you think that all condom sizes are the same then you are definitely wrong. Though you rarely find a buyer that specifies the condom size that he wants, you need to know that each of its brand comes with it’s a distinct size and shape as well. And the effectiveness of its use depends a lot on the size of the condom. Some brands come with small and fitting sizes while others comes with unique shapes that offer a snug fit. If your penis is smaller or thinner than usual, you may need to look for a product that is smaller than the usual condom size. These are also condoms designed with classic shapes made of smooth latex material that give comfort. However, if you are allergic to latex, this is not recommended for your use. Some come with thin sizes made of strong and silky soft material. Others also come with a bare skin feel claimed to offer better performance. Some men opt for a condom size with more room and freedom while others want them lubricated on both sides.
Bottom line is; you need to look for a product that will give you the best pleasure and protection. After all, each person has distinct taste with unique needs even in one’s choice of condoms.

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