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Side Effects of Quitting Smoking


Finding side effects of quitting smoking only for 12 hours. What more after a few days? Well, yes it is more remarkable to note the improvement of your senses, particularly smelling and tasting. You will begin to breathe easier and cleaner and your smoker’s hatch would be gone, however, you may still be coughing every now and then. See? For only a few days, you have lived a clean life, and have reduced the expenses of the luxury. You will also be free from the addiction you cannot even admit to yourself. While withdrawing yourself from smoking cigarette or tobacco, you may start to feel worse for some time. But that’s while your body is repairing the damages of your smoking habit. Healing is not something that completely happens overnight, not even a small blister in your finger. It does not happen immediately, but it still happens for a few months.

Side Effects of Quitting Smoking Symptoms

If you start to feel some side effects of quitting smoking symptoms, do not be scared because there are symptoms of the process of recovery and it is normal.Right after the “quitting” process, smokers have reported to amazing changes like temporary weight gain. This is because you may start to feel hunger more often, stress, tired and moody. The hunger is due to the fluid retention of the tongue. You may also start to cough a lot and have troubles in sleeping. But these are all signs that your body, being free from smoke, is starting to rebuild and clean itself from Nicotine, which sticks contain. Usually, Nicotine comes off the body in 2 to 3 days.The are results and side effects of quitting smoking? A longer and healthier life ahead. The risks of having heart diseases, bronchitis, stroke, emphysema, and the likes (which may lead to death) are reduced. If worst comes to worse, it may even lead to lung cancer and other more cancers. Cigarette takes 130,000 lives every year from cancer. So think about this. 8 hours after quitting, oxygen level increases. And after 10 years, the death rate from lung cancer is decreased into half. So, just think about it.