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Newborn Constipation Treatment


Newborn constipation treatment. Mark is a 5 month old baby. He has not had any sort of bowl movement for close to one week now. His parents have tried all sorts of medication to help ease the newborn constipation treatment. This is by putting one-and-a-half teaspoonful of light Karo syrup in his bottles. They tried also massaging his tummy, placing him on a diet of prunes, and giving him one spoon of cereal after his bottles. Up till now, there has been no improvement and from the way things are looking, there may be no newborn constipation treatment remedy unless a “miracle” occurs. Mark’s parents, John and Jessica have been extremely worried. They are concerned as they are at a loss for what to do. They would only use laxatives as a last resort. Does the above scenario depict what you or someone you know are currently going through? It is only natural that, you be extremely worried about what is happening to your child. Not to worry though. We might just be able to figure out what to do to help your child have the bowel movements you desire. Newborn constipation treatment remedy can be easily gotten if you know what to do. Before going into how to get the new constipation treatment remedy. We need to know what the causes of constipation in babies are.

4 Tips On Newborn Constipation Treatment

1. Newborn Constipation. This could be as a result of the formula used in feeding the baby. Changing the formula used in feeding the baby. This can cause the baby’s body to take its time before adapting to the new formula.

2. Lack of breast feeding. Some babies who are fed with just formulas have been known to poop once in three days. This is compared to their breast fed counterparts who go at least once a day.

3. The form of the formula. If it is powder, ensure there is no packing when measuring. This basically means no compressing when you are measuring the formula.

4. The current atmospheric temperature. What is the current temperature of your locality? If it is pretty hot. Then it might be responsible for your baby’s slower bowel movement.

The Best Product For Newborn Constipation

However, the newborn constipation treatment remedy you need varies. You can try using a glycerin suppository. When using this, ensure that you put a little K-Y jelly on the suppository. After that you need to insert it in the baby’s rectum. Then hold the buttocks together so the suppository does not slide out. After this, give a warm bath. This helps the baby relax and have a bowel movement soon. Watch out however, as you might just have to deal with cleaning. The stool from the bathtub as the baby may go right there. If on the other hand you don’t like newborn constipation treatment remedy stated above. You can try using a poop inducer available as a natural remedy. Bowtrol is a perfect example of a safe digestion stimulant. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a fortune to have. This product can be used by all age grades -adults inclusive. Find out more about newborn constipation.


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