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Can’t give up smoking? Then switch to a healthier option instead. Go out and use a vaporizer instead. With a vaporizer, you get to enjoy the same puff of smoke but not the health hazards associated to smoking. And if you really think about it, you’re actually doing yourself a favor vaporizing everyday instead of smoking the usual way!

When vaporizers are used, no substance is burned. As such, no hazardous smoke is produced that can be damaging to a person’s lungs. It can then be plainly stated that vaporizing is not similar to smoking. In fact, it is the healthier option to smoking.

Going back to the basic facts, our body is composed mainly of water. And water is absorbed by the body not only through drinking but by other means as well. In the case of a vaporizer, water vapor is inhaled by the body through a puff of steam. Vaporizing can help keep the moisture level as required by our body. When you think about it, you are actually complementing your drinking habits this way.

The vaporization process doesn’t produce tar. Tar is the by product of smoking, which primarily causes cancer. Aside from tar, smoking also has carbon monoxide as its byproduct. Everybody knows that carbon monoxide is poison. And inhaling poison as you smoke is not healthy. Both tar and carbon monoxide deteriorates one’s lungs. Fortunately both of these substances are not produced when you vaporize.

The smoke produced by the vaporizer is also relatively cooler. The effect then is very relaxing. The cool temperature of the vaporizer can ease you out and not stress you up. Cool air is also less damaging to the tissues of the lung and has no carcinogen.

Many vaporizers available today have simple controls attached to it. As such, you can decide how much, how often, and how strong you smoke. This is very much the opposite of smoking, which you have absolutely no control of. You have seen smokers finishing off an entire pack of cigarette in just one sitting. This is because they easily get lost in their habits.

Using vaporizer gives the person a fuller effect. As such, he doesn’t have to smoke more just to achieve the effect that he wants. Furthermore, the steam coming out of a vaporizer gets straight to the blood. It doesn’t have to pass through the digestive tract and be contaminated by acids. As such, one vaporizing session produces a much quicker response to the body than smoking a whole joint or pack of herbs.

Vaporizers are the best tools to use when smoking. All the health benefits that are listed above are just some of the good things that you’ll reap out of using it. A vaporizer is certainly safer to use, cleaner, and more satisfying. Get the type that suits your needs. And once you’ve tried it, you surely wouldn’t want to go back to the old, crude way of smoking. Use a vaporizer for a healthier, more fulfilling smoke.

Tyler Snider is a blogger who quit smoking a long time ago. Now and then he uses a vaporizer  to get a little nicotine but bypass the health hazards of smoking. He runs several blogs and currently also writes for

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