Long Term Effect of Trading Under Stress & Trading Methods

Stress Relief

Long term effect of trading under stress. I want to take a moment at discuss the long term effect to trade under high levels of stress, the best ways to stay calm under pressure and share with you the importance of using the correct readability.

Many of us each year take up the challenge of trading full time, whether that’s spread betting, stocks, binaries or options. We all start out very hopeful, the idea that
you can generate as much money as you like sounds great. To trade full time is no easy task. Many times, new comers are given a wake up call that getting rich quickly
is just fantasy and not the reality of trading.

The truth is, not every trade you make is going to be a profitable one. So preparing yourself mentally for when you lose is vital for the longevity of your trading experience.

Early Signs That Stress is Building

Whilst trading, stress can build up very slowly physically and emotionally. This is no joke, physically, you might have trouble sleeping some nights, your eating patterns start changing, muscle tension from long hours at you computer,
all resulting in headaches and backaches. Trading plays a lot with your emotions, fear and greed. Even the most experienced traders still suffer from this and getting around it is quite simply a mental battle that you can only win with experience.
Losses can definitely exceed you deposits without a strict trading strategy. Taking continuous losses on the chin will make you feel more volatile and restless. Or you might go the other way and feel lethargic, low and withdrawn.

So it is vital that you understand the very nature of what it is you are trading and work at it every trading day

Chart Analysis Black vs White Screen

Most trading platforms come with their own built-in chart analysis software, some of these charts look intimidating, especially when you’re a newbie. Take you time to find a clear and simple platform that suits you.

The science of what is considered readable and what’s not, is not a new subject. Between 70-80% of the worlds population have astigmatism. Making it very difficult to read white text on black than black text on white.
This is referred to as light levels. With a white background the iris tends to close a bit more, minimising the effect of the deformed lens. Whereas with a dark background, the iris opens to receive more light and the deformation of the lens
creates a much more fuzzier focus at the eye. This can result in periods of tiredness because you are struggling to read and interpret information the is being displayed on screen.

80% is a pretty big number considering there’s more than seven billion of us in the world. A lot of us lose trades simply because we just didn’t look closer before entering the trade or what is call inattentional blindness (missing the obvious).
This is why most trading platforms encourage the user to read their charts on a white background instead of a black.

In short, light text on a dark background is a bad idea. A contributing factor to the increase of stress levels whilst trading.

Best Ways to Trade Under Pressure

– Plan your trades
Trade gold, read up on the news that will effect golds price during a trading day

– Risk no more than 3% of your account
eg. balance $600 = 8 per trade

– Delegate
take note of what works for you, what doesn’t and seek a coach or trading group

– Finally, use a white background when reading charts

By following these simple but very effective methods, you can make your experience much more enjoy and profitable! by clicking here.

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