Is Seeing a Chiropractor Beneficial for the Elderly?

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As people get on in years, they often suffer more and more pains in their musco-skeletal systems. They usually accept this as part and parcel of the ageing process, and indeed, it is; when people age, their bodies begin to wear down. Joints lose their flexibility just as skin loses its flexibility and muscles their firmness. The brain cells deteriorate, and even the digestive and excretory systems are not exempt from a general decrease in efficiency. Still, there’s no need for an elderly person to be in constant pain or discomfort, and it’s certainly not true that nothing can be done about it. While there is nothing that can be done to halt the process of ageing, it’s certainly possible to alleviate the aches and pains that come with it leading to a better quality of life for the elderly. One of the best things to do is to visit a chiropractor. Some people are afraid of the chiropractor in general because of the stereotypes prevalent in society, where the chiropractor is viewed as a kind of quack who’ll make your spine crack and tug and pull at your limbs. With visions like this, many elderly are naturally a bit reluctant to submit themselves to a chiropractor’s ministrations.
Nothing, however, could be farther from the truth. Chiropractic wellness treatment is based on the philosophy that spinal alignment is vital to our wellbeing. An improperly aligned spine prevents the nervous system from functioning properly, which in turn leads to problems with the rest of the body’s organs and systems. This then results in disease or general ill-health. A chiropractor takes care of the spinal misalignment, which is also called vertebral subluxation, by gently manipulating the spine and effectively correcting these subluxations. Chiropractor treatment doesn’t have to involve cracking and rough tugging and pulling at all. As a matter of fact, chiropractors go through years of training and are required to take many science courses including chemistry, anatomy and biology. That’s why people need not fear, as long as they are seeing a licensed practitioner.
A chiropractor can be helpful to elderly patients because his approach is likely to be one that takes the entire physiology of the patient into account. He won’t treat just the specific symptoms presented but will also recommend any adjustments in lifestyle and nutrition that seem necessary to encourage overall health. This is perfect for ageing, which isn’t at all a disease in itself.

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