Hemorrhoids in Pregnant Women – Symptoms, Causes, Cures

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A woman may feel very happy when she found that she was pregnant, as it is good news, they expect everything good to occur throughout their pregnancy. But unfortunately, a hemorrhoid is the problem which may arise during pregnancy and will cause a lot of discomfort. I will explain more in detail in this article about how to deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
Hemorrhoids occur in the anal area. There are lots of veins and blood vessels present in the anal area, the veins which are present in the rectal area are varicose veins these will get swollen and become larger like a grape sized. These swollen veins will cause discomfort, pain, itching and many other problems. Sometimes, these swollen veins get bulged out and cause bleeding, this will happen during a bowel movement.

If the vein enlarges more it protrudes through the anus, you can see a small mass outside of your anus. This is what is called a hemorrhoid. There will be two kinds of hemorrhoids, one which you can see and other you cannot; they are internal and external hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoid which protrudes out of the anus from rectum is called a thrombosed hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid problem is very common in pregnant women. Some women may find this problem first time in their life; some may already have this problem before pregnancy. So, it is pretty common getting hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

The fetus present in the uterus puts much weight in the pelvic region. As the baby grows daily in the uterus, the increased weight causes much pressure on the pelvic veins. Pregnancy also affects the large vein which travels along your right side of your body called inferior vena cava. The inferior vena cava receives blood from limbs to lower part of the body and due to pregnancy, the travelling of blood through this will slowed down. For this reason, slowly the veins will get swell and become inflamed.

Another thing is, Constipation which is a common reason for getting hemorrhoids in both men and women. During constipation, the person will put much pressure in pushing out the stool from the anus and at the same time, there will be much pressure put on the veins present in the anal area. This heavy pressure causes the veins to swell and get inflamed. If the person is already having hemorrhoids, then the condition will become even worse.
It is estimated that about 75% of the population will experience hemorrhoids once in their life time, and in most cases, these hemorrhoids will come and goes off. But if the condition still persists for a long time, then visiting a doctor will be a good option.

Progesterone which is a female hormone is also responsible for getting hemorrhoids. If the production of this female hormone increases, then it will cause the veins to relax more and tend to swell. This may also cause hemorrhoids. The same hormone affects the intestinal tract and slows down the digestive system which may cause constipation.
If you try to avoid the above problems, then you can get rid of hemorrhoids. On all the above, constipation is the main reason for getting both internal and external hemorrhoids treatment. Try to eat more fiber rich foods which help in preventing constipation.