AIDS Education, Health Problem Associate with HIV Infection

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Aids education and HIV infection: is right now a commonly-used term for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and as well for HIV/aids; WHO uses the concept to denote the entire health problem with HIV infection.

American health foundation for aids Research (AmFAR): has been co-founded in 1985 by dr. Mathilde Krim together with by Dr. Michael Gottlieb. The idea remains an influential advocate with regard to HIV/aids research and programs.

Anal sex: sexual intercourse in the event the penis is inserted in that anus. Often used as a birth control measure by adults.

Antibiotic: A substance that becomes fatal or inhibits the growth with organisms. Once considered a magic pill, antibiotics are now commonly useful to combat disease and infection. Indications are growing that many human viruses and bacteria increasingly becoming resistant to current antibiotics.

Antibody: Members on the class of proteins known since Immunoglobulins. Antibodies may tag, demolish and neutralize bacteria, viruses or other toxins and bacteria. Antibodies attack infected cells, making them susceptible to attack by other elements in the immune system.

Antigen: A foreign protein that involves an immune response (the output of antibodies to fight antigens). Common samples of antigens are the bacteria together with viruses that cause human disease. The antibody is formed in reaction to a particular antigen unique compared to that antigen, reacting with no many other symptoms.

People with HIV need more calories simply to maintain their body weight.

Will unintentional weight loss be serious? Significant weight loss in people experiencing HIV/aids leads to greater risk of further complications perhaps even death.

What can I do if am in a relationship with someone who suffers from this condition?

HIV wasting can be treated with appetite stimulants, nutritional supplements and hormone treatments.

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