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Social and health foundation is a small charity organization that ensures each and every donation helps us support and also increase our work to supply life-saving health care to people who are required it the most. You’re only a click away through creating a serious variation in someone’s life. Social and health services foundation will keep you informed about how we have been putting your generous, hard earned money to operate. The organization is also designed to provide you with a variety of alternatives to suit your non-profit ideas. It is possible to show the appreciation and support future development to donate social and health services foundation. Our cause is to ensure we fight against risk health conditions like cancer,  leukemia, diabetes,  HIV/AIDS and many more diseases among young people and adults around the world with many of our specialist and doctors worldwide.

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  • Cancer research
  • Breast cancer research
  • Fight against HIV & AIDS
  • Fight against liver disease
  • Clean water awareness
  • Quality research solutions
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Health and fitness programs

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