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About Us

The department of social and health services operates privately with out any government funding or company body. The services provides health solution programs and products for health and fitness.

The purpose of social and health services is to improve, people’s lives through health and fitness strategies around the world,  with our health programs and advise. We are run by expert doctors who function daily, on our website for key solutions to health. Our work on advising health and well-being, is to raise awareness among indivduals who need help with there health conditions.

Dr Davis Griffin is an experienced doctor and an expert, who’s worked with clients in different countries advising them, on good nutrition and wellness.

Our Website

Our website social and health services is to provide the right knowledge, and to empower individuals who are seeking the right solutions and advise in health and fitness. We accomplish this aim by supplying useful health programs and products that are up-to-date with easy guided information.

Our Doctors Available

You can simply ask our doctors any question regarding health and fitness solution or your wellness. Just click on your chosen doctor for advice on your health.

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