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The definition of a cat is a small four-legged mammal with soft fur and a tail. Its also the domestic pet that outnumbers dogs in U.S. households and rules the Internet in cute videos. In comparison to dogs, cats have not undergone major changes during the domestication process, and domestic cats are perfectly capable of surviving in the wild.

There are between 43 and 58 breeds of cats, depending on which organizations list is referenced. Domestic cats are sociable and communicative in a variety of vocalized ways, and like to play alone, with each other and with their owners. They come in a huge variety of colors and coat lengths.

Some of the most important aspects of cat ownership include:

  • Feeding
  • Exercise
  • Grooming
  • Housing
  • Licensing and identification
  • Flea and tick treatments and prevention
  • Medication and poison treatments
  • Vaccinations
  • Spaying and neutering

Whether youre a first-time owner or an experienced Cat Lady, questions about some of the above will always arise, and usually at a time when the veterinarians office is closed. Thats when the Veterinary Experts on JustAnswer can help resolve problems and ease your mind.

You can even ask follow-up questions, and only approve payment when youre completely satisfied.

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