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The definition of eyes highlights them as the part of our bodies responsible for sight. Theyre made up of a number of different parts, including the iris, cornea, lens, retina, pupil, and vitreous and optic nerve. These components control the regulation of light, blood flow, and the eyes connection to the brain, with each fulfilling a specific, vital role.

Eye care professionals can generally be grouped into three categories. Optometrists are eye doctors who examine patients eyes for issues related to both health and vision. They may prescribe eyeglasses or contacts, and can also prescribe medication.

Ophthalmologists are qualified to perform the same tasks as optometrists, but they can perform eye surgery on their patients as well. Opticians use the prescriptions provided by optometrists and ophthalmologists to fit glasses for patients in need of them.

Experiencing complications with your eyes or vision can create a great deal of worry and anxiety, and being forced to wait for a doctor appointment can only make it worse. The Experts on JustAnswer are qualified to help you, and their customized assistance is available whenever you need it, wherever you have an Internet connection. You can always ask additional questions as well, and youll approve payment only once youre completely satisfied.

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