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If you’ve ever been told you need to speak to an oncologist, you’ve dealt with a truly frightening experience. So what is oncology, and why is it such an unpleasant talking point? In short, oncology is the area of medicine dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and researching cancer.

Once cancer is identified, treatment options are then explored with patients. The stage of the cancer will ultimately determine the optimal course of treatment, which can include chemotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy, and radiation treatments.

Cancer is usually treated as part of a team-based effort, with several types of oncologists involved. Team members can include variations like radiologists, oncology nurses, and pathologists. Generally, the types of oncologists include:

  • Medical oncologists, who use medications and chemotherapy to combat cancer
  • Radiation oncologists, who utilize radiation therapy for treating cancer
  • Surgical oncologists, who operate on cancer patients in order to remove tumors and surrounding tissue. They also perform biopsies when applicable.
  • Hematologist-oncologists, who diagnose and treat cancers of the blood. These include myeloma and leukemia.

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